Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software system facilitates tremendous control on the inventory levels for tracking purchase orders, sales, delivery and services and is extremely useful in creating work or material bills as wells other inventory related documents.

The Inventory Management System is a must have software for any company or enterprise. The software works on a computer based network that works on a host of levels to provide information about the inventory sales, deliveries, orders. Not only this, the software also allows enterprises to create bills, orders of work and production documents.

Companies also use the software to keep a track of the availability of their products and to prevent outages or overstock. It is very useful as you do not have to save all those hardcopies and spreadsheets about the inventory data. Managing these hard copies and then accounting for everything would be a troublesome task, therefore due to developing technology and software people have moved on to perform these tasks on the computer.

The key features of this inventory management software are:

  • Generate your inventory list, with Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) modeling feature.
  • Inventory items images and manufacturer lot tracking.
  • Inventory items multi-level categories feature allow you to define multi-level products categories.
  • System will help you generate the purchase order and add the new arrival items to the inventory list.

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